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About Us 

We are Debbie, who grew up in East Sussex and Nick who grew up in South Africa. We met in Athens, Greece, built our base and travelled to neighbouring countries.

Our Feelgood Food Journey
About 15 years ago, we turned to a wholly plant based diet because it benefits the planet and everything on it, our health not least. We embarked on a journey of discovery into new areas of taste. Along the way, we removed or substituted the animal ingredients in popular Greek and Eastern Mediterranean dishes. It wasn’t difficult at all. Family and friends we tried our cooking on were amazed at the samenes  in texture and taste and not once bemoaned the absence of meat. In fact, they preferred our vegan versions, not only because they were lighter, but also for the feelgood factor in knowing that no animal was harmed in their making.

Present stop, Britain
We share our time between Greece and England and have seen the steady rise in interest for plant based foods. We were introduced to the vibrant British streetfood scene and became excited at the prospect of sharing our cooking. We decided that the next leg of our culinary journey was to actively join the budding plant based food revolution by taking to the street.

Next stop
We envision a brick and mortar eatery that will allow us an even more creative outlet. At the same time, continuing to spread the feelgood message with our travelling kitchen. In that sense, the end of the next leg on our journey isn’t a stop but a station. We hope to meet and welcome you.

Going Green 

Let’s talk planet! Well, it’s in trouble and so are we! We need to act sustainably and adapting our diet towards plant based foods is a step in the right direction. It helps for a healthier planet and is great for our own health. And, it goes without saying, that not harming animals is a major plus! Another step in the right direction is using recyclable and biodegradable disposables to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce waste. We are committed to this.

As for our food, we want it to be the healthiest possible for a healthier you. To achieve this, our chips and falafels are air fried with a fraction of the oil used by conventional deep fryers. Our salad ingredients are locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Our Deli D’s are homemade with GG imagination thrown in! Our pitta is authentically Greek!

So, by providing you with delicious food without the products of the animal farming industry, we hope that you will feel as good as we do about leading a more sustainable and kinder way of life which benefits our planet and all its creatures. Objectively, it’s the only way to go! And who knows? Once in this feelgood loop, vegan goodies may become your thing which brings us back to where we started. A healthier planet and a healthier you!

Tastes of the East Med 

Well, we have taken the all-time favourite Greek streetfood to the next level in our Green Soul Souvlaki, stuffed full of authentic flavours but no animals!For a typical taste of the Eastern Mediterranean, we have our very own Falafel Fantasia, veggie by nature, nurtured by Green Greek creativity!

And well, we thought about how to offer you a variant of a good old British comfort food, as in that Bastion of Britishness, the inimitable Chip Butty, and came up with Chipitta!  Of course, we had to include our version of that signature worldwide feelgood food from Greece’s western neighbour. Thus, our East Med Pizzazz, a large Greek Pitta topped with veggies drizzled with  olive oil.

And because it’s seasoning that makes food special, we marinate and sprinkle with our carefully crafted Sunny Seasoning, a piquant but not overpowering blend of Eastern Mediterranean herbs and spices.  Last but not least, our delectable dressings, dollops, drizzles, drips dashes, doses, dunks and dips we call Deli D’s, with foremost our one-off Tzatziki!

Green Soul Souvlaki 

If you’ve been to Greece, you'll probably agree with the many who praise the deliciousness of its food. Also, undoubtedly, you would have come across souvlaki.  Sit-down or to-go, on a plate or as a wrap, it is as much a national dish as moussaka!

Souvlaki is streetfood, fast food, slow food, finger food, comfort food, TV food, good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late night munch and in-between. It is Greece’s staple! Traditionally, it is skewered meat as is or wrapped in pitta. But, as more people nowadays turn to healthier plant based options and discover yummy non-meat alternatives, veggie souvlaki is all the buzzword!

We at THE GREEN GREEK wholeheartedly support this trend and with scrumptious innovativeness offer up our Green Soul Souvlaki, our contribution to the evolution of Greece’s all-time favourite feelgood food!


Private Catering 


Planning a party for a special occasion or just for the joy of living? Want to jazz it up with something special food wise?
Get in touch. We’d love to bring our colourful and flavoursome feelgood food to your do.
Ask about our extended Greek and East Med menu. Chat about savoury starters, amazing accompaniments, scrumptious salads, delectable desserts and then, tell us when, where and for how many. And you can get on with planning for having a good time.